Joren Bredman M.Sc.


My portrait

Senior UX Designer/Researcher in Beijing, China

Loves changing complex into simple

TCL Employee of the Year

Promoting design culture and impacting design, first UE member to receive this TCL Group-wide distinction.
TCL has 75000 employees.

TCL Star Employee
Q4 2014

Always on the lookout for improvements, awarded by UE management for being proactive, supportive and helping our designers.

Psychology Research Master
Cum Laude

Internationally competitive: acceptance rate of 20%. Graduated with highest distinction & published research paper.
University of Amsterdam is ranked 11th worldwide


Human Factors Engineer

2017 - Present

Senior UX Designer/Researcher

2015 - 2017

UX Designer/Researcher

2014 - 2015

UX Researcher/Manager

2013 - 2014

Consultant/Lecturer Methodology

Keiser University
2012 - 2013

Lecturer Statistics

University of Amsterdam
2007 - 2011

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My diverse background gives me a unique UX perspective.

During my psychology study, my professors noticed my research skill and asked me to teach and do the research master. This challenging program pushed me to publish and graduate with distinction.

To study cultures, I moved to China and taught myself Mandarin. In a startup I learned to apply my skills to UX, where I combined my passions for computers, psychology and research. I was promoted to manage of about 140 online teachers.

For a bigger challenge I applied to TCL/Alcatel, where I could affect millions of users. Seeing my thought process and suggestions during all design stages, soon my supervisors asked me to do Interaction Design. Working on many apps, I expanded my skills with UI design and Android & web development.

This allowed me to take a senior role during our flagships IDOL 3 & IDOL 4 development. My contributions, a.o. consulting for designers, promoting design culture, discussing with senior management were recognised and I became Employee of the Year.

Finally, I expanded my skillset to hardware, as I was recruited by Lenovo, where I became lead responsible for UX for global commercial & consumer detachable notebooks.

In all, my psychological, research, design and cultural background allowed me to look at UX from a different angle. Luckily, there is always more to learn.


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